3D Images

3D Images from Photoshop

3D image one

3D image two

3D Images from Illustrator

3D image three

3D image four

3D Images from VRay Renders of a Google Sketchup model

3D image five

Archetectural Sell Sheet with VRay Renders of the house I built using Google Sketchup


This is a microsite built in Adobe Flash during the summer class Introduction to Multimedia Applications at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. I saw an image in my mind of a Mary Poppins like figure dropping in on a dinner party in the country. The company that this microsite if for is a fictitious linen rental company.

This Flash animation is featuring a story line from War of the Worlds to demonstrate the stretching and bouncing of a ball - the eyeball.

This Flash animation is also featuring a story line from War of the Worlds but it is demonstrating the practice of frame by frame animation.

These Flash animations were incorporated into a project website.

This Flash animation is the map of Crabtree Falls Loop Trail in North Carolina near the Blue Ridge Parkway. This was an exercise in learning the basics of animation in Adobe Flash.